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2019 strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Guangxi Aerospace

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The world's first rare metal "ultracapacitor +" product press conference was held at Dongfang hotel in Guangzhou on the morning of August 10 2019.

Carrying the motto of "Space technology with Beidou precision." Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Energy Industry Technology co. LTD was established in August 2014.  The company is focused on rare metal super capacitor technology and product R&D.  This technology resulted in the birth of super capacitor and the super battery whose power density capacitance ratio product structure and service life is better than that of the globally used carbon material capacitance and the conventional car battery products. The products effectively reduces fuel vehicle consumptions enhanced performance and improving overall energy efficiency.

        During the event Guangxi Aerospace Beidou presented the world's first rare metal 4026 and 0805 super capacitor to the guests and presented the latest technological achievements.  .Among them the 4026 supercapacitor is the first power supercapacitor developed by the companya which provides durable power for automobile fuel saving controllers power tools industrial control brakes professional air batters and electronic control model toys at 14.4 volts.  The 0805 supercapacitor series products are small in size and fast in response and is widely used in the semiconductor industry such as: car bluetooth Radio converter audio earphone mobile phone cables etc.  Supercapacitor enhanced battery products with fast reaction speed high power density energy storage and other advantages are widely used in fuel vehicles emergency power supply electric vehicles etc.  Aerospace Beidou has also recently launched new products in the field of super capacitor batteries such as fuel saving accelarators and emergency power supply batteries which have been tested by national professional institutions and obtained ISO9001 certification.

        Mr. Nong Youhua Chairman of Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Energy Industry Co. Ltd. spoke during the meeting. "Our supercapacitor capabilities are amazing with more than 100 components conservatively counted in a car and it's even better to work with supercapacitors " says Mr Nong. We will continue to innovate and there will be more applications of supercapacitor "plus". Such as emergency power supply in various industries of large data centers hospitals base stations and other important power supply facilities can react in microseconds and re-power power to ensure that data is not lost people saving does not pause signal does not get interrupted by the emergency power supply must be inseparable from supercapacitors; Energy storage have a wide range of uses.

        The meeting was honored to invite Mr. Lei Yu former vice-chairman of Guangxi to deliver a speech saying: "Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Energy Industry Co. Ltd. is located in the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone in Wuzhou Guangxi is the frontier of the Guangdong- and Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area in Guangxi." And we have more advantages thanks to Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao driven by the Great Bay Area thanks to the pull of Guangdong enterprises thanks to the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone preferential policies!"

        Later Mr. Liao Fujiang chairman of Dongguan Jinghui Semiconductor co. Ltd. also spoke at the press conference saying "as the third generation of green physical energy storage devices company the development of super capacitor industry will effectively reduce oil consumption effectively reduce urban exhaust pollution and give people blue sky and clear water."

In addition the Dongguan Electronics Lithium-Ion Association representative Mr Zhang wei said in a conference speech he accepted the supercapacitor advantages and development potential because of its high power long cycle life safe and reliable will be used by expanding used in hybrid electric vehicles high power output devices and other fields.

"Strategic cooperation, signing ceremony".On the same day, Guangxi Aerospace Beidou and Dongguan Jing Hui Semiconductor Co. Ltd. signed a total of US$25 million product supply contract.  

Ithe presence of the distinguished guests to witness in person they respectively are: the honorablel Mr LeiYu Dongguan Electronics Association vice President of Guangxi Lithium battery association Mr Zhang wei GGCZ (wuzhou) management committee Guan Qijian Mr Yang Shouping of Guoguang Electric Company Limited Mr Zheng Zhiguang of Gangzhou Kangli electrical co. LTD. Mr Li Yong of Guangdong mechanical and electrical installation co. LTD. Mr Mao Weiding of Hitachi China co. LTD. Mr Xu Wenyi of Foxconn group zhongshan core electronic Dr Hong Kong peak Yuan Wenfeng  peak of science and technology and Mr Cao Yunming of Fu He Environmental protection .

The cooperation marks a new expansion of Aerospace Beidou in the semiconductor field in China.  Related to the development of computer and electronic hardware industry semiconductor industry is an important field of information industry and also one of the key industries of national "made in China 2025".The cooperation between the two sides will provide more electronic hardware products combining supercapacitor technology and semiconductor technology for the market and inject new technical vitality into the research and development of domestic semiconductor industry.

"Military and civilian integration east integration and west expansion".is an important field of information industry semiconductor industry is also one of the key industries of "made in China 2025".  GGCZ (Wuzhou) Mr Guan Qijian management committee for the meeting made a summary statement “The cooperation in the field of semiconductor will provide the market with more super capacitor technology combined with semiconductor technology of electronic hardware products also for the domestic new technology research and development of semiconductor industry.”